Transforming the Smart TV experience with Multilingual AI

About the company

CVTE is the leading manufacturer in the world. Over 50% of all TVs run on a CVTE motherboard, as well as its Android or Linux-based operating software.

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CVTE’s Smart TV Solution


We are living in an age where there is exponentially more content to watch than hours in a day. Instead of jumping between different apps to figure out what to watch, customers wanted CVTE to provide a Smart TV solution with universal search and recommendations. CVTE choose MosaixTV’s platform to address their customer’s global footprint to enable their TVs with multilingual search and localized content.

Creating a Personalized Smart TV Solution

This partnership was focused on developing a truly smart solution for Smart TVs. By integrating Mosaix’s multilingual voice search and personalized recommendations function, CVTE was able to quickly provide a Smart TV solution that would scale in over 40 countries around the world. The initial build offers language support in English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese and Bengali.

Utilizing Mosaix’s fine-tuned content-focused knowledge graph and NLU engine, clients have seen significant growth in user engagement and satisfaction. Since 2019, Mosaix has enabled millions of smart TVs in over 40 countries globally.

“The MosaixTV platform is what our customers have been demanding. They want a truly Smart TV experience complete with universal search and recommendations. Together with Mosaix, we are rapidly transforming the TV experience globally.”

- Duke He, GM of CVTE SmartTV Group