Building a Multilingual Driving Experience for SAIC’s “Connected Car”

About the company

SAIC Motor is China’s largest automaker and exporter. It strives to lead the industry in development of autonomous vehicles (AV), new energy vehicles, and intelligent driving technology. The Roewe RX5 will be the first mass produced internet-connected vehicle on the market.

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SAIC’s Global’s Connected Car


As the leading automotive OEM in China, SAIC is pioneering the Future Connected Car. The Roewe RX5 is a collaboration between SAIC and Alibaba to create the first Internet-connected vehicle in mass production. With the overseas demand driving SAIC's growth, SAIC is partnering with Mosaix to customize their Connected Car for their consumers abroad. Mosaix's language AI platform enables them to customize their Connected Car to the language and services demanded by their overseas customers.

Creating an Innovating Driving Experience

This partnership integrates the personalized voice assistant and the Connected Car to revolutionize the driving experience. The collaboration gives drivers control over vehicle climate and music choice all in their chosen language. The initial build incorporated American English, with Spanish, Indian English, and Arabic slated for 2019.

The primary use function categories are location-based search and content-based search. Utilizing Mosaix’s fined-tuned automotive focused NLU engine, initial testing has been superb. Integration for vehicle controls and information retrieval is already underway. Collaboration with SAIC Innovation Center began in early 2018 with final products to be revealed publicly in 2019.

“Partnering with Mosaix gives us advanced voice assistance that is compelling and culturally relevant to our overseas marketplace. They are a one-stop shop for the multilingual markets we serve.”

- Maxwell Huang, President of SAIC USA